The Secret Boys Club Open House group exhibition. Video by Sam Creasey



An open studio event I hosted in my workspace. Set inside the remains of Putney Vale youth centre after it was sadly shut down a few years ago, I since set up my studio within the old indoor basketball court. 




Video for the show created by myself. A temporary show at Euston station in the old Oliver Bonas shop space. The last event to be in the space before the whole retail area is removed to make way for HS2 building work. 

Director Marine Tanguy called the exhibition To Hope, after the poem of John Keats, which looks to explore the future of cities through meaningful visuals of inspiring artists Alexandra Lethbridge, David Aiu Servan Schreiber, Jennifer Abessira, Sam Creasey, Will Thomson and Adelaide Damoah.





Solo Show. Millennial Fever: Jan - Feb 2018 - The Take Courage Gallery, New Cross + SE9 Container Gallery, Eltham

The Take Courage Gallery and SE9 container gallery presents Millennial Fever, a showcase of works by artist Sam Creasey. 

Sam is a practicing artist and painter currently residing in Brighton and Hove and working out of Red Herring Studios. He has continued to work on a series of new figurative paintings over 2017 which will be shown in the Take Courage space in early January and SE9 until mid February. 

Like Generation X, The G.I Generation or the Lost Generation, The Millennials are people of the same age group, who have similar ideas, problems, and attitudes. This group of people are the most familiar with communications, media and digital technology and it is saturated into their everyday living for good and often bad. Most of this group are users of giant Web 2.0 platforms and social media that have thrown the internet into a fascinatingly mysterious and increasingly hazardous place.
The internet is the decisive technology of the Information Age. As people are increasingly at ease in the Web’s multidimensionality, marketers, government, and civil society are migrating massively to the networks people construct by themselves and for themselves. At root, social-networking entrepreneurs are really selling spaces in which people can freely and autonomously construct their lives.

The influence of the internet on our society is central to Sam’s practise and is the source for most of his reference material. Photoshop collages from internet sourced images are initially made to plan out the bigger canvases, utilising a grid format to work to the desired scale. This also allows for parts to be added or taken away at will. The content of these collages is made up of a variety of images; from screenshots, fashion and tech advertisements, to documentary photography of e-waste, landfill and conflict. Realising these final works in paint on canvas, this slowed, manual approach to image making gives a new meaning to the image or collage as an appropriation or documentation, but also a unique object as a painting in itself. The subject of the work is as heavily involved with painting itself as it is with modern living. 






Curated by James Elphic of Guerilla Zoo: A unique and powerful collection of surreal, controversial & provocative international artists.








FLUX - Curated by Sam Creasey. 16 Brighton Square, Brighton lanes. 






Open to anyone under the age of 25, the Parade Presents: Art Prize was judged by a panel of distinguished art world figures, including fashion photographer Miles Aldridge, art curator and Founder of Paddle 8, Hikari Yokoyama, Head of Contemporary Art Day Sale at Philips, Henry Highley and Founder of Narcissus Arts, Nick Campbell.

The work of the 23 artists choses by the panel went on display at Shoeditch's Londonewcastle Project Space, for a one-night exhibition on 1 July. At the end of the night, the overall winner will was announced, and won £1,000, donated by designer swimwear brand Orlebar Brown.